Entry: Ferals, fleas, florals.........Flaming Oath! Saturday, April 19, 2008

So, It's been about a month since the anticipated move out of TOB's reaches and here's the update.....

It took around a month to move the TipperManning Feral brigade out.

This was due in part to the incompetancies of Chris & co at JA. They sent the letter with the required 65+ day notice, but not via registered or any kind of followup.
This is after I kindly rang them with a 'what's going on' call about a fortnight before the move just to see what the heck was the go.
So the day of, they woke her up with a call and they supposedly didn't get the crucial "move out please" letter. What a load of crock. It took an extra month with bond blood money to move them on.
This is after damage to the floors, doors ripped off, pet hair around the brand spanking new IKEA kitchen, rusted cooktops ( what were they boiling, AMPHETAMINE stashes???), ripping open the windows and swapping out the perfectly good screen door and replacing with a quote, unquote "SHIT" door and FOXTEL outlets in each and every room inc. the garage.
Ferals that were glued to the screens it seems. I don't know what kind of cook she was, but the evidence of the fat piles that were being creamated in the oven again and again wasn't pretty.
I washed the handprints off the ceiling (WTF?) and cleaned, whilst gagging at the amount of pet hair around the place.
The side effect was, you guessed it.....FLEA city. Unfortunately, I'm a flea magnet. They can smell me a mile away. Despite a cache of flea bombs, and much running around setting them off like it was 'NAM, I've still picked up a few strays here and there each time I've gone to clean, and prise nails out of the floor (charming).

On a brighter note, today I went to Publisher's Textiles to pick up a few samples of wall paper that I'm going to do the built-in dresser with. A really cool black & silver version of the floral print they have in duckegg on the web site.
Hoping to paint the cupboards and also my water-damaged ceiling.
Also organised the door to replace the ripped off one off my room. A 3 panel farm-yard one with a double-route and I'll have to paint myself. Joy.
Hopefully I'll be an old hand at it soon enough.

Charlie called. Have to get him the keys and some mula to start. Let her rip! The bathroom that is.



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