Entry: I Am Legend ...hear me roar Tuesday, February 05, 2008

As usual, my gem of a neighbour/s who shall be known therafter as 'The Old Bat' or TOB, has continued on with the harrassment despite the weak efforts of our strata manager. Go ahead, park everywhere and block our garage. I don't know who would listen to TOB, but she must give them a big 'ol speech about how they should stand up for themselves because they have the right, nay the duty to go out and park everywhere but not in front of their own garage or on the street. She manages to spin this despite not allowing them access to their own garage. Hmmmm. Either that or she offers annoyment incentives. I need to read the Art Of War or something....or should I write to the advertisement agencies about TOB's actions.
I'm trying to be Zen about this, esp with New Year approaching. Don't want the bad karma to follow us to the new year. Hex on your River Road house you old bat.

I've just picked up a copy of the original novella I Am Legend.
I am one of the few that actually enjoyed the movie starring Will Smith. Just a general observation, but there has been an age factor in whether you liked it or not. The younger peeps liked it....the older ones didn't.
What I liked was the survivalist aspect. And I appreciated the exploration of loneliness & despair in being one of the only ones left alive on earth.
But the grumbles about the modernisations of the movie were justifed. I'm only in the first few chapters and feel that the written word has a stronger visceral presence than the movie. I guess you don't get to see the frankly laughable 'vampires' so they're that much more frightening.
I actually empathise with Robert Neville of the novel, especially how he feels the anger and frustration at having them taunt him from outside his house. The loud music he plays (:)) the peephole he tries not to be a slave to....
Thankfully I can sniff the finish line soon.
Soon.....is all I can cling to. That, and a 24 repeat of N.E.R.D. *woof*woof*woof*

On a brighter note.
Note to self: Exotic Gardener's Fair at Bilpin on 25/26th April might be a source for peonies. That and the nursery at Blackheath.


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