Entry: Facebook and accidently Outing myself.... Sunday, September 23, 2007

Today I checked my email for birthday wishes and such....as you do.
Kenny must have me programmed on some kind of alert on his mob, because he sent a timely birthday wish.

Also, to my surprise, was a request to be added as a friend to Steve Feinberg. Now, here was the Steve & Jenny that I blogged about ages ago, that Kenny sent on our way as a pit stop on the Amazing Race. I had joined Facebook a few months ago on the urging of a friend. Found there was zero to none peeps that I knew on the site, so my profile just kinda sat there dead in the water for months. Now This!

I got semi-excited, and get how people get thrilled in adding a network of friends. Except I'm a bit pathetic because I only have one 'friend' on the site.That's not the bad bit. I check my profile, and discover, to my horror.... I have outed myself. In between ticking that in fact, I am a female, and single, but not looking.....I have selected that I am interested in females.
This would not be so horrifying if I was actually gay, but I am not. Not that there is anything wrong with that. But that was a surprising little announcement that I made to the world at large, and acquaintences in general without meaning to. I quickly unchecked a crapload of boxes to avoid showing random 'statements' about myself, and stuck to the basics.

Facebook has a little mini-feed story setup that was frantically keeping pace with my profile edits.
Eleen is no longer single
Eleen is no longer interested in women  *thank god*
Eleen has gone to drown herself in the shower.......


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