Entry: First Day of Winter Friday, June 01, 2007

It's the new year, and I haven't even updated my blog yet.......1st of June. Gotta be a record for procrastination.

Since my last visit....
Saw John Mayer actually in concert.
Beat the nosebleed seats I got last time with Sal (I know, I thought it couldn't be done, but I actually had the drop down velvet curtains right behind our seats----this was after lining up for the bloody tickets on the day they went on sale)
Got asked by Sal to be a bridesmaid.
Sweet. Freaked. Not exactly freakin' sweet, but I aim to be less freaked by Nov. Getting a stress zit just thinking about it.
Went to Hawaii with JC and couz Kenny.
A welcome respite from the winter, which was not that cold initially. Now it's just like sitting in a cool room....oh the balmy pacific breeze and palm trees. Damn global warming!
Watched/ slept thru James Morrison at the Enmore
He wasn't bad. I just had jetlag. And I stick by that statement.

Right now, having probs with next door. The Gibbons' are renting their place out like a b&b without the breakfast. Kinda like a motel. So the whole prob is that they tell the"tennants" to park out the front of our place. In turn they block the garage.
Workmates have been suggesting things like letting air out of tyres...rude messages in marker on windscreens.... but I have decided to go with blunt flyers put under windscreen wipers. I'm going to the strata today to see what else can be done. Yay me. Ugh.

So far 1 X asian guy in hatchback
         3 X cars. Boyfriend/girlfriend anthony calleja
         3 X cars. Family gathering. party time with kids over weekend
         1 X white car. Old guy with accent. Had boxers
         3 X cars inc Vitara, large 4WD & green sedan. Girl who whinged
         1 X car & trailer. parked on the grass
         3 girls again
         1 X beer guy with car & trailer
         1 X white hair guy interested in Suzuki
         2 X cars. Total blocker, wanted to know if I could reverse it in.

This is worse than the turnover we had with the Mormon boys who didn't know how to chuck rubbish or when it was appropriate to wrestle each other in the house.


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