Entry: From John Mayer to Viperose in 21 hours Sunday, November 05, 2006

It started with getting up at 5am to catch a train to see John Mayer at Sunrise.
Sunrise is the Sydney /Aussie version of the Today show in NY in Rockerfeller Plaza, Manhattan. Only not as cool and without the Dean & DeLuca vibe.
However there was a smoooth Lindt Mocha to be had at the Lindt cafe opposite the studio in Martin Place.

John Mayer was supposed to be doing a outside "concert" of his 2 songs from the Continuum album, which was one of the only options after missing out on his Concert Tix. But after a faint smattering of rain, he appeared only inside. Nothing like the threat of electrocution to make a star chicken out. And possibly catching a cold on the day of his concert probably would have been a bit of a factor too.....
Even with the double layers of glass, I still got closer than I did to the nose-bleed seats I scored ages ago at the Entertainment Centre.
I checked out (appreciatively) his tatts on his triceps and his forearm as he did sound checks and tried to block out that he was getting stared at like a fish in a fishbowl. Man that boy is fine. In a scruffy and talented muso way.
I had a chuckle at the channel 7 staffers that dressed up in summery pretty dresses to "listen" to him play his 2 segments. I've never seen so many grrls come out of the woodwork.

After a quick stop at Borders, then back home to yell at Heartland Holden about the coolant, it was a quick change and out to the Marconi Club to check out Ivana's boy's band Viperose.
It was a Woodstock out West, which involved a mishmash of 4 acts, of which the band were headliners, so I sat through some dodgys glued with DJ sets between.
Live gigs are good, but I'm lucky we managed to score some seats, otherwise I would have fallen over.
Viperose were clearly a band that had gotten used to the stage and were comfortable... in contrast to the Nick Lachey-look-a-like + band who sang a bit stiffly & ernestly, and the gold-coast guys who played well, but muttered away & ignored the crowd, who in turn ignored them.
After Freedom of Thought, whose singer looked like a yoga-instructor. Viperose was a rock'n'roll shot of caffeine to the system.
Pity I'm not a fan of the whole Guns & Roses thang.
They sound better live and they could work the crowd. But I want my hearing back.
I came. I saw. I lost my hearing in the higher registers. I have the T-Shirts to prove it.

They're still ringing a bit, even now.

On an Everwood note....
I bid and lost Ephram's Ryoga T-Shirt on eBay. I would have loved to wear that. My jail-bait boyfriend's manga shirt. But alas, I didn't want to pay AUD$200 for it.
Bloody eBay snipers!


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