Entry: It's times like these that you need a stick of gum.... Saturday, September 23, 2006

This year I have been going 'theme' and it's been a continuation of last year's....Year of the Concert.
First it was The All-American Rejects, who rocked the UNSW roundhouse and then it was The Fray gig at the gaelic club. Both excellent live bands.
First TAAR.
We arrived breathless and a little late because I was blocked in by an idiot who decided to wedge his car into a non-parking spot just at a driveway outside Icebergs of Bondi. I had the pigeon which gave me a bit of a Gigi moment when I crunched through the inny-meeny bones. I thank God for the lack of lights, so I could barely see what I was eating anyway.

After a few laps of Centennial park, no thanks to Jules, we screeched into the correct UNSW entrance, parked the car at warp speed. I was digging around in my bag, head down, following Jules when she abruptly turned and we enacted one of those moments that you only see in movies......we crashed into each other in a solid "whump", that we both reeled a little back from.
Besides just getting the end of the set of HelloGoodbye....a little known nerdy-but-cool electronica homage to 80's synthesizer Atari music....the gig was great.
I loved TAAR's Move ALong album, and my only complaint was that they left Move Along as the final single. Sung a little out of tune I might add. Ritter took off his shoes, presumably in anticipation of crowd surfing, but chickened out when he saw how feral Sydneysider fans were. 
I really admired the energetic moshing and jumping that the crowd was doing.

Secong gig was The Fray, who I caught onto from OTH, my music bible. Sad as that may sound, they've really bought up some great recs. But despite having the CD, my familiarity was only with 2 songs.. How To Save A Life & Cable Car.
I knew that I would regret not seeing them, as I did with Maroon5 who played the Gaelic club prior to them hitting it big in Australia and then playing to the masses at the Horden.
It's better to get a band at their rise rather than trying to fight off the other teeming hordes.
Gaelic club was easier to park at, and even better the crowd was predominantly midgets. Or at the least, shorter than me.

Jules unfortunately was parked behind a blonde chick who was having on orgasmic dance session with her hair. Ala shampoo comercial style complete with head tosses and fingers running through the hair. It was a bit like seeing the scene in Wedding crashers where Isla Fisher whips Vince Vaughn with her hair. Even Isaac (singer/piano) was squinting through the blinding stage lights to see who was grooving out so joyously to The Fray's introspective songs. I was behind blondie's friend, who *thank you Jesus* had a chin length bob. So what I thought was perhaps an involuntary tick, was a toned down version of the hair flick/toss to the music. Repetative & scary.
I asked how Jules was holding up.
It's times like these that you need a stick of gum.
Amen to that!


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