Entry: Is it Jade? Is it a possum?.....No..It's a Raaaaaat!!!!!! Sunday, May 07, 2006

Holy mother of.....that was my reaction, along with some wild gesticulations and slight squealing. Also a bit of a two-step dancing shuffle.
This was at Dad's place in his sun room, that was a little less sunny due to the junk pile up and a whole lot more rats nesty.  I dread the time when we're going to have to suck it up and help add the "s" to Dad's hovel.
Case in point. Jules wondered out loud where dad's dryer was, as I had spent the previous blog talking about the new purchase of the washer.....Dad said it was near the door.
But you can't see the forest or the trees due to the piles of crapiola.

So that cut short the time for admiring the wash quality of the machine. I ran for it back to the safety of the house.
We decided to drag Dad out to Yum Cha. Mainly because it's a group sport and we were having the crave. Dad had been too chicken to drive the new Tiida more than twice, so I was a bit surprised that he volunteered to drive to Castle Hill. But I guess he felt easier about having us in the car to navigate.
On the way there, Dad was driving like a teenage girl on her learner's permit. He must have been overwhelmed by the new car fumes because he 'forgot' to indicate, and developed the neck stiffness phenomena that doesn't allow turning to look in the blind spots. Shikes!
It was a smooth ride though.
I blew the budget by forking out for a new Bose system for my iPod. I'm weary of being deaf from listening excessively to my earphones... What! what?!?
Right now I'm supposed to be downloading the peppy albums and compiling a party playlist for Jules' blow-out freak out party. Rather than playing all the wah-wah-wah songs as Jules puts it. aka OTH songs.


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