Entry: Tiida, Hernia, Fisher & Paykel......my day with foreign sounding diseases Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Woke up bright and early to do some washer movin' for Dad. He was afraid if he didn't give me a lift, I wouldn't have come.....and maybe I wouldn't have come....until later. But at 8:30am, sans brekkie, I rocked up to Dad's place. It's too much to ask for a sleep in until 9 on my day off.

I needn't have worried that Dad would have come to my place to lean on the car horn, which he still insists on doing even though it was only the one time I slept in because I was sick and generally dead to the world and couldn't hear the door bell....
The new Tiida was in Dad's drive. All shiny and new and with a fresh coat of morning dew....It had spent the night in the driveway unprotected. Evidently Dad was too chicken to wrangle it into the carport for fear of scratching the new thang.
Much like the Tarago, the bonnet sloped away abruptly to nothing. I noted however that Dad had spent much of yesterday arvo strapping the old carseat covers in place. A little shabby with the chic.
After being shown the engine, explained about the lifting of the ring to find reverse, noting the 14.5 kms on the odometer (new car, not test drive model) and admiring the central locking capability *click* *click-click* *click* and adjusting the seat height to better accomodate the view over the non-existent bonnet, I went in to tackle the washing machine.

The washing machine was a relic from my days as a baby. Purchased to deal with my soiled nappies, which was frankly quite an eon ago. Dad procured a rusty trolley and wedged it under the machine. I pushed from the back, whilst gagging at the smell of musty water. After that failed attempt, we swivelled it around so it was going back to the door, so the weight of the machine was against the trolley. Easily typed but involved screeching metal against concrete and me praying fervently there was no dead rat behind the machine. Plenty of gagging too, so I was glad to have forgone the brekkie. I took lead postion behind the trolley, and straining to reef the whole thing up the stairs (2 of them) I very nearly pinched a penny into dust and I think almost experienced what groin strain is really like. Hernia here I come..... My arms are still aching a bit, and probably 2 inches longer than this morning......
We wrangled the whole heavy mess into the yard, and I made Dad promise to let the dude take it away.

We then moved onto NRMA to fix up insurance for the car. Dad had a brief panic attack when he realised that he bought no paperwork for the new car, but luckily the greenslip was with them & all the details were copied over.

Next up was Myer and a Fisher & Paykel washing machine for Dad. A small number that could do cold washes and stuff. Made in Turkey. Mmmmm. I hope they know what they're doing. The lady was nice and knocked off $100 as well as threw in delivery. I should take in Dad for any bargaining situation because the see a cute old guy and cut prices.

All in a days work.


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