Entry: Less spew but add Blue Lycra Sunday, April 30, 2006

So the relies have been and gone, marked at the beginning by the total break-down of my immune system. I think some of the regulars thought I had to take time off work because I was on my death bed, rather than on a holiday.

After a totally hairy drive from the airport back to Uncle's place, we left "I'm Hungry" Bernie & Isaac at their place whilst we made last minute adjustments back at the house. Read: cleanup , panic phase. Jules & I started to argue, because our nerves were so frayed. She started to behave like a total bitca because I added some my room clean time to my schedule, and proceeded to move piles of crap outside my room just to be a total pain. Jules can be so spiteful when she wants to be. Really counter productive.
Cleaning up with Jules around is like moving around on Mars. The extra gravity makes everything twice as hard.

With Dad, Uncle Phillip & Uncle Buck all together in one room, was a bit surreal. An event not seen in 50 years. Their similarities really start to show up, and not just in looks, but demenour as well. What really came to the fore, was the innate competitiveness that runs in the family. Something that I have a heavy streak of I admit. Kenneth & Christine said they have never seen Uncle Buck talk so aggressively. Must be the brotherly competition.
Also a given was the obsession with gadgets. I felt a little bad for dad. Seeing Uncle's new, thin gigantic screen compact digital camera, Dad cracked out the Sony handycam, which hasn't seen the light of day since Jules' graduation from Uni eons ago.
Besides it smelling of plastic, and perhaps rodent wee..... the batteries had gone flat long ago. So, that was basically barely a 2-use camera for what probably cost a few grand back in the day.

Auntie, told the story of how she introduced Mum & Dad. Mum was very good friends with Ying, her younger sis, as they were co-workers as sales assistants in a dept store. Mum was very sociable and new how to make friends easily. One day, as they hung out at Auntie's place, Mum mentioned off hand that she would like to move overseas, she wouldn't mind leaving home... Auntie jumped at the idea as Dad was looking for a girl to marry all the way in Oz. And there it was....Mum took a chance.

Because the great Aussie trip was being extended through to a bout in Cairns, I was volunteered on Dad-watch. I accompanied Dad on the epic trip up to Cairns and the reef. the last 2 attempts haven't been too lucky. First the tickets booked through Ansett vanished when the company became bankrupt. Cairns, Strike 1.
Got spewed on by a shocked Korean tourist on the Sunlover catamaran. I just remember the shocked eyes peeking over clasped hands holding a tissue. It sure wasn't sea spray. Thanks for chucking upwind of everybody. Nice aim. Strike 2.

Luckily enough, the only humiliation was the blue lycra stinger suits that smacked of Smurfs crossed with Ommpa Loompa anti-radiation suits. Lord killl me now.
Despite new swim shorts, to replace the dreaded napkin shorts, Dad didn't even dip his toes in the water. Next time. I think Dad likes the whole plane/flying experience much better.

Cape Trib, The Daintree, Mossman Gorge are all beautiful places. I actually warmed up to the whole B&B experience and think it's prob the way to go in NY if we ever go again.

Dad yakked so much he lost his voice at the end of the trip. He also mewls like a cat after the first 15mins of sleeping. This is replaced by the wet smacks of full throttle snoring. Thank God for iPod, but I no longer dream that King Kong is attacking me.

I also nearly got my driving incident that all the family will relive again & again.

Much has happened.


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