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So why the Name?
As a little kid, I saw a world vision ad on TV, thought it would be a great thing to help out the poor starving kid from a third world country, and proceeded to make a 'donations' box with the sign "donations for Ephram" on it. With way worse spelling of course.

Years later I find that I absolutely love Everwood, and particularly the piano genius Ephram Brown on it. My kinda guy.
Also, if people should want to donate to Ephram just for the hell of it. Go right ahead.

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Tuesday, April 11, 2006
Tourguide Take 1

It's been a crazy week. First it was all stations panic after a few weeks of straight procrastination. In doing so, I contracted the most hideous case of a common cold there ever was. Jules jokingly inferred I had the bubonic plague, and boy did it feel exactly like that sometimes.
Kenny's former roomies on their RTW trip came to crash for a few days at our place. Nothing like the possibility of company to force you to clean up and try to make the place habitable.

Steve & Jenny were actually great. I was a bit dubious about how it was going to go down. You know how guys are a bit low on the details, they wouldn't know if their co-workers were truly feral individuals after hours. But kudos to Kenny, he knows how to pick 'em.

Besides coughing like I was trying to expel a lung every 3 hours, we managed to give them a condensed tour of the Blue Mountains. Pausing for a truly embarassing demo of non-fitness at Wentworth falls, we checked out Katoomba and the 3 sisters. After an aborted attempt at the Aboriginal legend of the 3 sisters (remembered the 3 sisters, the Witch Doctor, his Bone, Lyre bird) *cough* *hacking-cough* (forgot the Bunyip) we dined homeless person style at Katoomba on the good 'ole Aussie meat pie.
They were champs about it though.
Jules powered through the whole weekend on a freakout-powered energy jag like the ones Mum used to have when she entertained also.

Next day we hauled ass to Featherdale, which was as much a trip for me as it was for them. I don't really remember it at all. Jules insists this is where a goat once ate my nametag right off my shirt. I don't have a clue.

There were heaps of Roos, Wallabies and koalas...sleepy little buggers.... and tons of birds in the avaries. It was a fun day out. Steve even managed to get a really good scare into Jules. ha! The shriek in the reptile hut echoed like nothing else. Cool.

We went for a drive back through to the Olympic regatta centre and Whitewater stadium that I'd never been to before. Cool. I should try to round up a bunch to go check it out.

Now it's wait for the relos to descend on us and we do this thing again. Trial run over, version 2 coming up. Now to ditch the cough from hell.

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Saturday, March 04, 2006
The Wedding

Yesterday, I attended my cousin Sandy's wedding. As usual, Jules lost the invite, after insisting that she saw me last in possession of it. I disagreed. Pointing out that she was the one who actually emailed the acceptance, and was therefore the last to be in logical possession of said invite.
I was in charge of the wedding gift off the registry, of which I still had the registry card with the number on it. Hah!

Jules emailed an apologetic missive asking for the details again, after I bluntly refused to just cruise around the general vicinity of the reception and pray for the best.

I had my dress all ready, going into TEMT last minute for a cheap coverup as it looked to be getting cold, and all my usual stuff was black & wintery, which would have clashed with my summer garden dress of Diana Ferrari. Jules lounged about and got ready last minute. Admittedly it was my day off, but I still would have gotten all my stuff prepared. As it was, I broke out into a near sweat ironing Jule's dress so she could blow-dry her hair. We got to Dad's house at only 15 mins past the allotted time, which was pretty good considering that I was doing a pretty good Lleyton Hewitt impersonation of "come on" every 5 minutes.
Dad proceeded to go to the toilet before he boarded the "come on" Jeep, and imagine my horror, when he shuffled to the door in bright white sneakers. I had threatened Dad all kinds of stuff, if he didn't turn up in a decent suit--- and he did drag out the new 2-piece black suit that I think he wore for the funeral, but he had a flannel check shirt and the shoes..... but we were late, and no ifs or buts. I had to turf our asses to the Manadalay in under an hour.

Jules valiantly tried to use the Navman, but considering I drained the battery about 3 months ago... the car could only handle one electrical leech at a time. As it was, I always turned off the air-con when the car climbed any slopes, as a pseudo "turbo boost" if you will. Mariah Carey was the natural loser (CD off), but I claimed the air-con. No way was I gonna rock up smelling like I was baking in a tin can for an hour.

Driving was uneventful until we hit Lane Cove.Then the Navman started to give wierd directions. By this time, I had suffciently cooled down enough to not threaten sweat, and so the aircon was off, and the Navman was on....
Turn left, no.....turn
I did what I usually do, which is ignore the bloody thing and pull in to make a right, by the preplanned route I had a glance at the street directory.
Pull out the directory and give me instructions from the map...I bark.

We reach the Mandalay via the left, which is a much easier way to go, and Julie spies the entry way, radiating as a 5th arm off a roundabout.
Turn here. Turn here. I execute a tight  acute-angle turn, almost scraping the paintwork off my front fender, and cruise up the tree lined drive, thinking that the whole thing was too easy.

And it was.... I was about to mow over the group of revellers. Damn! Now I had to reverse back down the circular drive, back up into a busy roundabout, and find street parking. Yay!
I wait for a bus to pop through the busy roundabout, then tread on the gas to stick the bum of the car into the traffic flow, and quickly pop into 1st, to get my ass off the roadway. I have to drive the left wheel off the gutter, but I figure rego is due this month anyway. I'll get the wheel balance corrected again.

We thankfully get a spot easily enough down a sidestreet. I'm just glad it isn't on a super hill from hell, but I pull the handbrake up an extra notch just to be sure. I trudge to the Manadalay, trying to wipe off my super-pissed snarl off my face. Dad's trying to whip on his CEM tie on the move. Jules is trying to get me to think of it like a TAR thing. I'm still peeved.

It was a nice garden wedding. The sky threatened rain but it didn't. The ceremony was a bit modern for my taste, dumping husband & wife for the term "partners". I mean, they aren't gay for God's sake. But Jondra (oh boy does this show what a different age group I'm in when they do 'shipping names for couples in real life) was cute and really happy and smiley. And that's when I relaxed and smiled too.

Just when I thought we were being given the $2 budget wedding special, ie: canapes and strawberry dacqueri and then shooed off the property... we were let in for the reception dinner.
Dad was seated in honor at the 1st table, I think to talk to Uncle Phillip. Jules & I got a seat at table 7.....which consisted of 2 of Sandy's school mates and some work friends of Jonas' and Pauline.
Food was excellent. We actually got a choice of 2 dishes which is unheard of, and they were grand portions. Yummy too.
There was a weird guy who was there as hi Mum's 'date' but wasn't actually seated at the "work" table along with her. He had shifty eyes and I was acutely self-conscious about my dress' deep neckline. I think I actually got propositioned, and I studiously refused eye contact after that. Yikes!

Speeches were all in all good. But Chris made a WTF speech that started off nerdily sweet, then degenerated into a head scratcher when he mentioned Uncle & Auntie's unhappy marriage. What a downer. Why not just lob some stainy red wine on Sandy's dress....

We left at 11. Jules was running out of steam, Dad was tortured by sitting 3 hours with his least favourite brother, and I wanted to avoid Vlad the shifty. We hugged and wished Jondra well.

Roads were quiet. The car hadn't rolled down the hill. Dad was happy with being fed a pretty damn good free meal. All was well in the world. 

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Sunday, February 19, 2006
The Great Rom-Com Overload

What Happens when you mix a K-Mart 15% off sale with a DVD wishlist.... a rom-com DVD fest to end all 'fests.

We bought Wedding Date, Elizabethtown, In Good Company, A Lot Like Love and Upside of Anger.
In Good Company was less a rom-com, than it was a retrenchment drama movie with a side of Topher. I wasn't sure if I was supposed to encourage the crushing of Topher's character by the older Dennis Quaid, or to root for Scarlett & Topher hooking up. Throw in Marge Hellenberger from CSI and some sports references, and you have me lost and confused. I guess I should listen to the commentary, once I can be bothered with it.

A Lot Like Love wasn't too bad, which belied the fact that it only lasted in Oz cinemas for 1 week, before it was unceremoniously yanked. It had all the hallmarks of an Ashton Kutcher movie. Him with bad, bad hair and some physical comedy thrown in with goofy smiles. I didn't have any stand out parts, but I think that was the part of the script's faults rather than Kutcher or whatever her name's fault. I liked Aqualung's song at the end. Yay! It's on my iPod.

Wedding Date, was like watching really bad makeup and blind cinematography in motion. I thought they had probs shelacking Brad Pitt's cheeks in An Interview With A Vampire... They had nothing on how haggard Debra Messing looked in this movie. She usually looks great on Will & Grace. Even Dermont Mulroney looked like he was a 2-pack a day smoker with dehydration issues. Makeup jobs were so pancaked on it was like watching Marcel Marseau. Blech.

Elizabethtown was like watching a self-indulgent Cameron Crowe. I think the guy peaked in Say Anything. Orli & Kirsten were their usual magnetic selves, but I think I get more emotionally involved in an episode of Everwood. Ahhhh. Tom produced this. Must be why I hated it.

Still one left to go...

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Saturday, February 11, 2006
Yummy Sushi!

Jules bought an authentic brand of Japanese Mayo from Coles yesterday.... It's a Kewpie brand that has a whole bunch of undecipherable Japanese writing on excessive packaging, so I'm sure about it's authenticity.
Hence I've been obsessing about getting salmon sushi to eat this mayo with. It brings back memories of the sushi train in Tokyo. Yummmmm...
We ended up eating a whole stack of plates, just anything that had that creamy mayo on top.
Today we went to the Plaza and bought 4 packs of mixed sushi on which to feast as a kindof Brinner. We even picked up a whole bunch of cheap corn cobettes for 50c a pack. Jeez---when I don't go shopping for a fortnight, it becomes a close-out sale on the microwavable corn. Yikes!

Another crucial buy was a bottle of draino. Yes, I lose enough hair down the drain to make at least a family of Ewoks each quarter. I'm considering dyeing my high-lighted bits blue. I think it'll look mad. But I better hold off until after Sandy's wedding, otherwise she's going to refuse to let me be in a photo with her. Jules is already going to freak her out with her orangey hair.

I bought a whole crap-load of DVDs and CDs off Amazon today. Gilmore Girls has gone the way of the Dodo on 9 again, so I can't be bothered to wait it out. Prison Break is a surprising addition to my schedule, helped of course by Wentworth Miller--- who better not crack a smile in this season. He totally ruined his cute-guy cred in the Mariah Carey Video when he grinned. Blergh!
When he's all squinty and soft-spoken , he's hot. At least getting his toes hacked off isn't going to give him a happy anytime soon.

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Tuesday, January 17, 2006
iPod Video and the Possibilities of Retinal Detachment

Yes, I have succumbed to the wave of iPod purchasers. But in my defence, I did reach for the new gen iPod purely because it was one of the first to feature video capability.

I considered the PSP, the screen is bigger......however, to transfer my many US teen shows to the sucker would have required me to buy an extra memory card of least 1G.....which would have cost an extra few hundred dollars.

So instead, the 60Gb iPod won out. Congrats apple. I'm a sucker for the Kate Spade iPod accessories, which was also a buying point.

Back to the point
I've gone a little nutty and converted a lot of my DVDs into clips to play on my iPod. In clearing out my hard-drive, I've rediscovered my love for Everwood. Right now, I'm getting through season 3. Hardly a season to rejoice, post-Madison and all.... but I do like going through the whole Ephram and Amy thing. It's surprising that it didn't rate too well in Oz. Currently relegated to a mid-morning weekday slot of 10am. Hmmmmmm. I'm not sure that Everwood will make it past another season on the WB. Right now Gilmore Girls and Smallville are their 2 biggest draws. OTH and Everwood are past their painful sophmore years, but are hardly ratings winner. And don't I hate that I know it too. I wish for my days of ignorance is bliss.

Supernatural was surprisingly good. I even jumped a few times without assistance from Jules, who's shrieks and squeals make even the most jaded tough guy have a heart attack. I don't adore the mullet-rock soundtrack, and they seem to go for more T & A than the X-Files, who used dry humour to elevate the stories.
What is a bit funny is that cute-Dean is now Sam, and his brother is called Dean instead. Sam had a girlfriend named Jess. Now all we need is a Luke and maybe a Rory, and the cast will get confused about if they're on GG or Supernatural.

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Monday, December 26, 2005
Happy Boxing Day!

It's the day after Christmas and after the dry run we had with Dad, we've taken the plunge and invited the relos over for lunch. A sort of pre-emptive strike if you will. All through our childhoods, Boxing Day has been a yearly "ships-passing-in-the-night" routine when My Parents, Jules & I, piled into the old Datsun to visit Uncle & Auntie & their 3 kids in Balmain. At that very same moment, they would by piling into their old Volvo, and intending to do the same. Our respective grandmothers would try to entertain the arriving family with tea and bikkies, whilst explaining that the other family  had gone to their house.

What prompted this weird, but yet insync mirrored behaviour? Wouldn't have calling ahead broken this intermittent tooing & froing? I asked Mum that once. Her answer was that planning ahead was the sure way to make sure they weren't home. They had to be sprung in the house. Ensuing years and slightly missed plans have reinforced Mum's theory. Let's just say that mobile phones were made for our relos.....

Back to the entertaining...
I hate entertaining. Mainly because I get major stress and see little of the joys. It's the combo of the run up, which involves me attempting a full house spring clean in the days prior to the event, and then trying not to wig out during the actual event. It doesn't help that I'm a bit of a junko by nature, inherited from both of my 'rents, compounded by the fact that Jules is a junkoČ. I tend to run out of energy in the pre-cleanup let alone the actual day.
So here comes my way to cope. I try to preplan the menu, this is in the aim to limit the left-overs. Hands up who wants to have a ground-hog day meal for the next fortnight? I don't.
We each get 3 dishes, hopefully with minimal steps to stuff up. I have mental plan for the actual day, to minimise actual stress experienced, to potential stress of the day, I try to get things done as much as poss in the runup. This includes a day devoted purely to shovelling out the crap downstairs, and hopefully getting a room clean in the bonus round. Cleaning my toilet & bathroom is a given, even though Jules is trying to promote the laundry toilet, I know the whole family is going to traipse up the stairs and bust me. After a stressful day of non-cleaning the first day, Jules drives me insane purely with being a non-help. I can't clean when someone else is lounging or experiencing narcolepsy---it's just a killer for the cleaning vibe. I spend the next day (Christmas Day) having a bloodpressure rise with trying to wrangle a stubborn iPod shuffle into submission. My schedule has been replaced with scrubbing down the outdoor setting instead of inside cleaning. Great. I do a bit of pruning out the front, and Jules follows me to spruce up the screen door. I'm just glad she's doing something, even though this feels like a bee in the bonnet. After a night of massaging the newly bleached & laundered cushion covers on the outdoor setting, I am super exhausted. Entertaining Dad can be a bit of a energy drain too, not helped by House of Flying Daggers playing on loop in the background. I watch Bride & Prejudice as a Christmas gift for myself.

I crash at midnight.
Jules wakes up in a dither at 6am, and I can tell she's already in the panic shits. She starts banging everything around, dishes, pots you name it. Can it make a noise? You got it!
I persevere to 7am, I can prepare the potato salad, cleanup my bathroom/ toilet and prepare the carrot sticks. Fried rice prep in between and started upto a half hour before intended arrival. It should take until around 10, and then I can shower and relax until 12 noon. My cousins prob will arrive around 1pm anyway.
Jules freaks out about potato salad, drinks glasses, washing up and the shoes in the that order. I'm pissed off already. I bumped the salad to the morning, because I was bone tired-- worry about your own crap. The dishwasher takes 2 hours max, put it in now if you want. I nagged about the shoes 2 days prior. Anyway, everybody was going to use my bathroom!!
Not saying the Jules didn't have her hands full, but I had my shit under control. She wasn't following the plan, which I though spelling out the dishes would control. I caught her defrosting the lamb cutlets.
What the hell are you doing that for?
Just in case we need more food.
On what planet? As it is, we're going to be eating leftovers. Why are 6 dishes not enough?
Thankfully that was put back in the freezer.

Jules does contribute a forethought to the cutlery and plates needed, but a lot of the time was wasted in wigging out about everything. From the fruit salad that she started preparing just as S & J arrived-- hiding out in the kitchen, to freaking out about the whole tea/coffee before dessert, just gave me a headache. I don't get this stressed unless I'm working understaffed, with DAs less familiar with the dispense system.
Bah-Humbug. I hate Christmas. At least Christmas with entertaining. At least it's just once a year.

PS. We didn't use the outdoor setting at all. What a waste of time! My neck is so stiff from clenched muscles I feel like I have meningitis.

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Tuesday, November 29, 2005
Long time, no entry

Yes, just procrastinating. What's new.

I finally took the plunge and ordered an iPod video off the web. If I couldn't get the TRS back, I would 'spend' the money getting it personalised. This before I rammed it into the new Kate Spade iPod case. Yes, I did buy a case, even before I got an iPod. Call me an iSucker for iAss-cessories.

Even though I have done a lot during this month of November, I haven't kept up the blog. I'll try to do a reverse travel diary---that is, write a detailed travellogue of our trip by backdating to actual days. It'll prob be easier to write on computer. Less hand cramps.

By the way, Veronica Mars is fabulous! Tell your friends.

And I've answered the age-old Q, on how do you get the teen WB shows back on Aussie screens? Just ship back the DVD box sets. One Tree Hill, Gilmore Girls, Smallville & Veronica Mars are all coming back onto the small screen in the next 2 weeks. fan-freaking-tastic.
But I guess I can peruse the local mags now, rather than sending away for eBay finds.

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Friday, November 04, 2005
Later........ Earlier that same Day

Flying over the international dateline has interesting consequences. One of which is that we land in the US on the same day we left. But I'm a little ahead of myself....
Due to the nature of the deal with AirNZ, we stopover in Auckland for a bit of a plane refuel and load up. I got the multiple x-ray treatment at security checkin. Man, whatsupwiththat? I'm mildly curious at what's causing the 3rd pass through the machine. Is it my keys with the my Jedi keyring? Is it my mp3 player? My cool Tritace pen that glows an electric blue colour?
I'm relieved when they search my bag, and I helpfully point out the inside zippered bit. I feel a bit bad when the dude accidently fishes out my half-used tissue--- hey, all that artificial climate control stuffs up my sinuses. But I get waved on. I'm still curious. Maybe my coinpurse combined with the earphone wires look like a bomb with wiring.
We get seating on the long haul with plenty of legroom. It's the emergency exit doors right at the front, so we get a "nah-nah, look at what you're missing" view into business class. The seats have their own individual screens that tuck into the armrest, and somebody has jammed it into the holder. I ask a flight attendant to help-- he turns a nice bright red in the effort, kneeling in front of me by necessity for the long duration. I admire his perseverance in prying it open without asking me to get out of the seat so he could get more leverage. I would have. Too bad there was little to none cute factor.
As with all plane trips, the movies were a blur. I tried The Fantastic Four, Charlie & the Choc Factory, Must Like Dogs and Wedding Crashers. My concentration was below par, but I remembered a touch more than Robin Hood all those years ago, where I just remembered the "arrow-cam" whizzing through the air and that was it. But that my have been the movie itself rather than the travel.
Food as always was excellent on Air NZ. The third seat on my right was taken up my a thin bony woman who attempted to read, and then fell asleep with a leg up on the inflatable slide storage. She had bony elbows, and I wasn't sure I really wanted to see a closeup of her painted toenails. But my never ending glow from my movies probably gave her the shits, so we're even.
We all must obssess about one thing during a long flight (15hrs) and my thing, which is usually how to get to the loo, over unconscious people's laps, was not an option because we had no-one in front, was replaced by my fear that I was leaking. Not something you need to worry about on a long flight sitting down for that period. So to speak.
Let's just say I needn't have worried about replacing an item in my wardrobe.

We arrived at LAX after an artificial night on the plane, sometime in the morning LA time. And the new screening involves an index finger print of both hands, I needed to have my finger mashed on by the guy. Evidently dehydration is a problem. No kidding. Also there was a web-cam photo taken with glasses off. How attractive. My boss later said that it's an iris scan, but I don't know, it wasn't terribly close to my eye, and even in the blurriness of non glasses vision, I didn't see a laser.
We bypassed the luggage collection straight to the airport minibuses. So long suckers.
The trip to Anaheim was uneventful, and punctuated by Yanks talking about their property values. Another fellow Aussie couple were staying at the Motel Formula One. Ow, what a place to stay when you've flown for 20 hours to visit the happiest place on earth. Yikes! Shikes!
A Canadian couple get off at our stop. I tip $1--hey, no bags. We attempt to check in, and are told the room's not ready. Fantastic. We're welcome to use the pool or gym whilst we wait, or we can drop off the bags and go to downtown whilst they do the room, back by 2:30pm. I consider using their pool as one big bath, but decide to just freshen up in their lobby loos and dump off the bags.

The 20 min stroll to Disneyland is more like a 30 min powerwalk, but after 15 hours of DVT inducing inertia, I welcome a chance to stretch out the legs. We go past the Disney resort California lodge and follow the monorail track past nothing but shrubs and sidewalk to hit Downtown Disneyland. A kind of Bent Street at Fox Studios if you will.
We half heartedly window shop & I pick up 3 sets of Mickey ears for the kids & a Christmas decoration. The Sephora there sent us packing with the aroma of sulphur gas lingering in the air. Pong!
We take the time to exchange our vouchers for a 2-day Disney pass. Free entry all day for 2 days between Disneyland & California Disney. Yay!
We decide to have lunch, because our stomachs are asking for dinner. We head for Naples and decide on pizza. We order a medium pizza with priscutto and onion and 2 cokes. I do a quick calculation, and have a brief money panic. I have minimal cash, Jules' stash is sitting in her backpack at the hotel. I pray I have enough, either that, or hope they accept plastic, which I'm pretty sure they would. But then there's the tip.
The pizza is a huge affair served atop the metal pizza dishpan on a can of tomatoes. I forgot about how the Americans eat BIG.The cokes arrive and the waitress is attentive. Another set of Cokes arrive when I almost finish my glass. Wait, I didn't order another. I start to stress about the bill & tip until I spot another patron pay with credit. I lose my hunted, can't afford this look.
We end up getting a third put into a takeout container for later on.

Not wanting to go to Disneyland in an attempt to throw up the lunch in our bellies, we powerwalk back to hopefully a hot shower back at the hotel.
At reception, once again we are told the room isn't ready yet. I look pointedly at the clock, it's now past 3pm, we gave them 45 mins extra grace. Perhaps seeing a very American tanty about to bubble out of my normally amiable self, she radios out to the cleaners, and we indeed do have a room. ThankGod!

We're put in the Santa Somethin' wing of the complex. It's very Spanish-style motel setup. White stucco and darkbrown trim & roofs. We're on the second floor halfway between stairs, so Jules should be happy with the location. Funnily enough, the rooms save for 1 seem to be empty. Our room is small but cosy. Prob a 3 star. It has a large and tall bed in the main room, with a desk, TV in cabinet & the aircon system. A little single daybed in the second room off the main has a small TV also, as well as a barfridge I discover after. A little 'hall' that has the tea/coffee section, mirror leads off to a small closet and bathroom directly opposite. I head straight for the shower. Jules rings Kenny to give him the downlow, and we arrange to meet later, approx 9pm for dinner. it's rushhour now, so he'll save time. And we're not hungry. Kenny has the DVDs--Yay! and the Giant mag-- double Yay! He asks what we want to do. I just want to crash. I've never felt so drained before. Geez, I'm getting old. But the shower revives, and we set out once again for Disneyland to use the pass for a half day.
We go to Disneyland, the original side, and head to Tomorrowland for Space Mountain. I loved how you couldn't anticipate the drops and turns. This turns out to be the longest wait 60mins. It's changed, the music is jazzy, and the lights are psychadelic. I seem to remember in the past they had "stars" in the ceiling and you circled a sun. This time there were tight corkscrews and projected "stars". Also went on the Star Wars tour, which I remember more from Paris Disneyland. The robot "pilot" spoke French. Qui. Le Francais.
We wandered past a quiet Matterhorn and got on quickly. This time in a taboggan each, I had a brief flash of "The Mouse" at Luna Park last year. I was determined to ride it with my eyes open this time. It was the only ride that scared me as a kid, when I peeked, I got an eyeful of Yeti or superhigh view of the park. It was great-- needless to say I conquered it!
Over to fantasyland, we tried to get on the Small World ride but that was closed for renovation/ maintenance. I found out that they still offered embroidery for free, I was bummed, but they told me I could bring the hats plus receipt for it to be done.
We caught the train back to New Orleans square to fit in the Haunted Mansion before meeting Kenny. On the way we saw bits of the Parade. The mansion was cute, done up in the style of "Nightmare Before Christmas". I wasn't aware that that was a Disney film. They had the usual stroll through the rooms, rising ceiling and such before the little two-seater pods that swished through scenes. I think they reused the hologram head in the crystal ball from 20 yrs ago. What was a disappointment was the "ghosts" they had peeking over your shoulder were less realistic NBC characters. Jules & I had a bright ? between us. It was fun though. We leave for the powerwalk back home to meet Kenny.
Night has arrived, and it's chilly. We short cut through the California Lodge, trying to look like guests, and then slip through the stained glass front doors. I'm grateful for my jacket.
Back at the carpark at the Anabella, Jules stops to check her shoe--- for shit I think, then comes a drawl. "Hope you girls are staying outta trouble". I mentally think, great, here's a sexist pig trying to chat up random tourists in a motel lot.Don't make eye contact. Julie sees Kenny straight away and goes up for a hug. I hug him too, and am thankful for the shower as well as not assuming a karate pose when he first spoke.

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DVT Here I come!

After a bit of panic last minute packing, and cleaning........Hands up who here wants to come home to dirty dishes in the sink with bits of fungus growing on them?
I've got what I deem to be the essentials for a 10 day trip to the US. First LA, Disneyland.....then it's Vegas Baby!

I've got my stuff shoved into a MK&A bag. (Yes, that's abbreviated version of Mary-Kate & Ashley). In my defence, it was the only cool looking red backpack around for miles. If I was a little school girl I would have loooved it. Fiorelli briefcase in Year 10 be damned!

However, travelling on a long-haul flight with no check-in luggage. It's carry-on baby! I think it's a red-flag for possible Terrorist Suspect. So I get hoovered at Sydney Airport for the gazillionth time (really it's for the 3rd time, but I don't travel that often, so I think that it's a little high don't cha think?) --in laymen's terms, I get ion tested for gun-powder and explosives residue. Evidently, suspects tend to strap it about their waist and near their ankles. Hey, that's my real waist-line buddy!
Seriously, maybe I shouldn't look so peeved when I travel. A bit more perky-Brooke ought to do the trick.

I luckily remember to hand off the duty-free form to the dude before the security check point. We get called up by cute-guy at immigration. He only wanted to check out our ages & actual names when we get ushered through ;) and we do a little pseudo-shopping at the airport. I have brief flashback to JC letting the nutshop women charge the cashews through Visa about four times (Tahiti trip) before I came up and pointed out the register roll was out----not that my card was maxed out by the 2 packs of nuts, but now it probably was. Thankyou.

We were starving, but the choice was a very limited $3 roast pork bun or a $15 sushi bento box. I settled on Chow Kwai Tow & JC got a teriyaki stir fry. Total approx $25. rip-off.

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Saturday, October 29, 2005
Dance. Dance.

An Attempt to Tip The Scales...(Halloween Episode)

"Game On Brooke Davis" . "Sit Down! Dan" . *wheeze* .shakes out last pill. "You're not my farzha". "Divorce is fine, Deb". "Here's my coke vial". "She has boob cancer". "I just can't trust you"


It's bare feet, and not pretty ones. Nope, it's not an ad for tinea treatment. They belong to Lucas, who's refusing to come out of the change room. Haley's seen him in his head gear, Dude, so she doesn't know what his problem is. Don't call me 'Dude' --Lucas steps out in a Bam-bam costume complete with little bat. Haley, like the rest of us at home, starts to laugh her ass off. So Lucas heads back to try different outfits.
  1. Pimp
  2. Matador --at first I thought it was going to be a leprechaun costume when they did a shoe closeup
  3. Cowboy
  4. Ninja
  5. Hippie --complete with black afro
  6. Elvis --CMM does a great sneer because he practices enough with every single candid shot.
  7. Johnny Depp (ala Pirates of the Carribean)

During all this time, Haley's play-miming to Lucas' mugging. Wow she does a mean high-kick. But much as I love BJL, with the franctic pace of the cutting, all the mugging and her playing with her hair like it was shampoo commercial, Hales was starting to annoy me. I think the editors were trying to channel the dressing room scene in "The Sweetest Thing".....the one with Cameron Diaz & Christina Applegate.... didn't see it? point exactly.

Back to the whole Johnny Depp thing. Like Hales, I think Lucas actually Eww. I said it. Ewww. I grab some Listerine to wash out my mouth. Hales wants to grab some Listerine and gargle some too. But, being the nerds they are, they overthink the thing and Lucas strongarms Haley to do some recon. Is it just me, or does a pathetic Lucas just really knock points off his cute factor. Lucas says it's Haley's turn now, and he spys a belly dancing outfit that'll do the trick with Nathan. I think the only outfit that would nab Nathan's attention right now is dressing up as a basketball.....Haley moans that she could rock up naked, and it wouldn't make one iota of difference with Nathan. It's Lucas' turn to say "eww".

It's a hotel room and we see a man tied up on the bed, but enjoying it, because there are 2 skanky hos with him. It's Mayor Mullins, and he's been set up by Dan who enters with a video camera. Sex scandal 101.Dan's demands: the Mayor resigns immediately and endorses Dan as a mayoral candidate. The mayor growls his frustration through his tie, which is dumb because it's not as if they tied the gag to him. He just had to spit it out. But anyway.

Peyton's in her room, with a pair of angel wings propped up on her easel. She holding a feather, so I think we're supposed to think she whipped it up right there and was just stuffing the last feather in. Nu-Larry enters and they talk . She's going as an Angel and Brooke the Devil. *Hmmm* Better hope there isn't going to be a lightning storm over Tree Hill, Peyton might not want to tempt the Gods. 
Peyton bites out that "she knows" but oops, evidently Nu-Larry didn't. Poor Peyton, all her mums are "dropping like flies". Or at least have very short expiry dates on 'em. Too bad the receipt says there are no returns.

Dan's at the Scott House "savouring the indian summer". Deb tells him to savour it where the sun is shining---at the Beach House. Which he'd get in The Divorce. If he would ever sign the papers. The bastard.
You mean these papers? Dan holds up a folder. Deb hesitates for one second before leaving the safety of the house; like a kid to a candy from a stranger in an unmarked white van. Nooooo. We scream. But it's Dan, so we know there are strings. They are, one, that she signs the endorsement for running for Mayor. Deb doesn't care if he runs for Miss Teen North Carolina *hee* .And they play happy families for the 2 month mayoral race. After a few bargaining chips, like Nathan thrown in for good measure, they have a deal.
Evidently Dan wants the big threes in life. Money. Freedom. Power *mwah-hah-hah* Sometimes I love Evil Dan.

Back at the bachelorette pad...Haley's picking a tune out on her guitar. Brooke's telling her to do it faster.... Faster. No, it's not a porn punchline. Brooke sings off-key "For He's a jolly good fellow..." *hee* Haley growls and puts down her guitar. She snarks to Brooke, who is beavering away at her costume at the table, the Devil isn't supposed to have sequins, feathers or breasts for that matter. Brooke says that in her world she does. And pokes her tongue out. Sophia is probably only one of a very small population that can look cute poking out her tongue above the age of 15. She holds up an embellished corset-thing that she did from scratch. We find out that Brooke has a secret talent, besides hooking up with boys, setting people up or dating. Ladies & gentlemen, I think we've found a career. Or at the very least, a journey.
Brooke wants to talk costume strategy for Haley, suggesting Sexy Nurse (to remind Nathan of the accident where he crashed into the wall mooning about Haley being on tour---err nope), Catholic School Girl (they're already in school, the perve factor doesn't really work here) , Playboy bunny (I think of Bridget Jones' Diary where they had the Tarts & Vicars party).  Haley smartly nixes them all. Brooke says this is a high school costume party, you dress up as a sexy whatever. That's true. Best on screen Halloween/ Costume ep award goes to Buffy, where Willow dressed up as a sexy whatever, chickened out and wore a ghost costume over the top--- but then when a spell made all the costumes "true-to-life", she was outed as the ghost of the sexy chick. Believe me, rent out the DVD and watch it. It's good.
Back to the episode. Brooke has an idea, how about the classic get-your-man-to-see-you-in-a-new-light outfit. Haley jokes How about the get-your-man-to-come ,because she isn't so sure that Nathan's turning up anyway.

Cut to the Scott driveway. Nathan, as usual, is practising his dunks and looking 'pretty fly for a white guy'. Brooke thanks him for making it easier for her this year because there's nothing worse than cheering for a bunch of losers. Nathan jokes that it's All about you Brooke. I could insert sarcastic comment here, but Brooke's being pretty charming here with her mini curtsy, so I won't.
Brooke tries to convince Nathan to turn up at the party, to say hello to his wife, tell her she's pretty... generally stop punishing her. She tells him about the fact that now there's No Nathan that equals No Music. At least nothing that isn't an accidental cover of Wind Beneath My Wings *hee*. She's breaking out the big charm guns, and I'm kinda afraid Brooke's going to press her body against Nate to really seal the deal. Nathan shows that even he's not immune to the charms of Brooke and agrees to think about it. Luckily Brooke just gives him a supportive pat on the arm and struts out of the scene.

Lucas enters the cafe and asks Haley if she's done her homework. Her recon assignment. Haley breaks the news that Brooke likes the whole Tommy Lee thing. Lucas squints and wonders if this is an OC thing. No I think it's a bad taste thing.
Lucas does a bad, bad job of stealing from the till. He even stops to count the bunch of twenties he nicks. *squint* But I guess this is Luc-Ass, so he's mentally going 20+20+20 = 40+20 which makes....add the zeros....carry the....4+6 = .....damn I've lost my train of thought....
Haley sees him doing his not-so-stealth thing an does her own version of dividing 2315 by 13 as she ponders the new information.

At the local Travellodge, Larry pops in on Ellie. She is looking more and more like Peyton, and I think she's nicked a band-T last time she was in her room. Exposition. expostion. 10% of all boob cancers are hereditary. Remission. Larry is out of town a lot. Nothing we haven't heard before, so I won't bother to recrap it.

At Surburban Filth. Brooke is making alterations to her costume. While she is at work. At the service counter. Like that would happen. I hope that girl doesn't earn her wage on commisions, or she'd starve to death. Her co-worker rocks up and instead of going off her nut about Brooke not actually working at work, or making alterations without permission to their stock, just gets Brooke to explain her design. Evidently the leg just had to be cut higher to be flattering, and a halter makes it easier to "Fake toned Madonna arms" Brooke's caught Peyton's ennounciation disease because the first time I heard it I thought she said "fake toned Madonna orbs(?)"
Lucas strolls in, breaking the cardinal rule of no-drinking whilst in a store. They flirt. It's boring. They banter, and secretly want to kill the writers for making them say these cheesy lines. Thankfully a paying customer interrupts the painful exchange to ask for a matching thong.
"mrrrthr-wma" Brooke answers in a flirty tone. Did you hear it, 'cause I didn't.

Seriously. Lucas should practise his flirt-game, because it ain't looking pretty from where I'm sitting. Lose the combo eyebrow raise/McSquint and try to avoid the inflections when he's being a try-hard. He's got a weird almost head bobble that George Clooney has in the Batman Forever movie. Didn't know George had a head bobble? Watch that movie, it'll never be the same again. You can thank me later.

Back at the Scott House. Dan's reading the paper. The Money section. We see a rack of clothes, followed by Deb in a brand new outfit with generic bags and boxes upon boxes being carried in by a small army. Evidently Sunkist doesn't make clothing or shoes of any kind because the whole lot is unbranded. She gives him the bill and says new campaign=new clothing to keep up appearances. Oohhh, she's good.

It's a stylistic overhead shot of Peyton, who's crouched on the floor, but slowly uncurls to reveal her Halloween outfit. She's a goth angel? No, she's the Angel of Death. With the tinkling of the keyboard in the background, she does kinda seem like a gargoyle coming to life, and it's a cool shot. Even Peyton's eye makeup suits the lighting here, because in the production stills it looks shite. I wondered why they didn't go for black or green or grey. The pink contrasts well with Hil's eyes. Excuse me for blanking out and actually liking a scene with Peyt in it this season. Prob won't happen again....
Larry talks about how he wrote a lot of stuff down when Anna first died, about her life, so he wouldn't forget all the stuff to tell her. Then he realised there where important girl-talk stuff that Peyton was missing out on like the sex-talk or the period-talk and urges Peyton to ask Ellie all the stuff she has Q's on. Like her periods???? Hate to break it to you dad, but Peyton knows where to buy the tampons...
He says this is her opportunity to have no regrets because this time there is fair warning. Like who's her real dad.
Peyt tries not to cry because it'll ruin her eye makeup.

I think my computer's frozen, because we see a still shot of the High Flyer's camp. But thankfully, it's just Nate looking through his slideshow of photos.
I'll just pause to see thankyou to the person that uploaded this episode this week. They managed to cut the ep so the audio matched, so it was more like watching OTH, and less like watching a badly dubbed kong-fu movie.
Anyway, Nathan stops on a pic of him and a girl sitting on the bleachers at the camp. I know it's just a cheap shot to make me scream "Nooooooo" at the screen, but I can't help but want to throw up a little. Nathan fingers the ring on his chain and makes a call. He doesn't croon or say "I love you babe" but wants to meet up after the costume party. And Haley can't know. My brain doesn't know whether to downgrade the alert level to yellow or leave it at orange.

Tric. party time.
Brooke and Haley arrive. Brooke is of course the devil in a red dress and halter bustier. Haley is sexy-Sandy from the last scene in Grease. Nods to the get-your-man outfit and Grease being a musical. Brooke tells Haley not to tug, or ditch the shoes and tells her to put her "game face" on. Haley immediately starts to grin widely like somebody zapped her some juice *hee*. No, the other one-- Brooke demands. Haley immediately switches to a version of Brooke's sultry 'I'm cool' face. But it's twitchy and she's pulling faces like she's got itchy underwear that's riding up. *hee*
"We'll work on that" Brooke sighs.
They are so cute together. I cracked up at that scene.
Mouth rocks up dressed up as Travolta in Saturday Night Fever. Nod to Lee's dancing ability.
Brooke says she guesses this means that Mouth has ditched whatever he was on last episode and decided to get over Erica. Finally.
Erica? Haley asks. Man she was outta the loop. But according to Scwahn, Hales was doing the combi-van tour of USA with her parents, so I guess she missed it.
Mouth says he's not going to spend senior year chasing after somebody who no longer cares about him.
Haley says that's really smart *ahem* and tugs at her top. uncomfortable pause .*hee*

Dan's walking down the hall. And all of a sudden he hears moaning. Barry White's playing *hee*. Dan whips open his bedroom door to find his room has been turned into a gym, Deb's on the floor, getting her muscles stretched out in that compromising postion. Too bad the instructor guy looks like David Spade rather than Brad Pitt. Deb tells Dan that she gave his wet, smelly stuff away (the sprinklers came on accidentally after she threw his stuff outside, on purpose) so he has to find somewhere else to sleep. Behold the amazing breasts of BAW.

Batman arrives! But it's really The Punisher, because it's Nathan in the suit. But Batman is way cooler. And sexier. *hmmmm* Nathan comments on Peyton's wings, and because he's in the full movie getup (not the sixties show version *shudder*) we only see his lips and hear his voice. It's the only way he can see everything without having to be around. Very sneaky Bruce. They could have popped him in the ninja outfit or maybe in Darth Vader's helmut, but they took into consideration all the girls/women that watch this show just for a JL perve and thankfully settled on Batman. Thankyou!
Peyton says she hates to say it but "your wife looks kinda hot tonight"
Nathan turns to look. And says in a sad tone "Haley always looks hot" Awwwww. It is trew wove, because with that wig on, Hales looks like Olivia Newton John by way of Dolly Parton. Cool if you go for that sorta thing--but not if you don't.
Nathan/Batman sees Haley approaching Peyton and disappears with a swish of the cape. Haley confronts Peyton with her stinky-poo attitude and apologises for not keeping in touch while she was away. Peyton snarks that it she isn't that needy *cough*bullshit*cough* and she's got the stick up her butt because she didn't call Nathan. That sounded dumb, even to Peyton, so she snarks that she just plain didn't like what she did. So There! Haley should kick her in the shins because it's none of her business. Or turn her eye makeup a nice purple colour. But that doesn't happen. rats.
She does tell Haley that Nathan did see her, however, and thought she looked hot. So if she still loves him that might be her "irnnnn". Damn that jutting lip!

Peyton marches over to the bar. Big Sunkist sign *big-ass productplacement* and compliments Mouth on his outfit.
Lucas, or should I say, mophead-Tommy Lee arrives.
Peyton cops an eye-full of eyeliner, tatts, skinny bare chest and leather vest with nose ring and aforementioned mop-wig and nearly pisses herself laughing. Brooke thinks that Motley Crue is the "least-sexy" band ever. oops!
Luc-Ass struts over to Brooke who laughs at his get-up. She can't believe he's so gullible, because frankly, who would think a 40 year old who 'looks like that' is sexy? She snaps his pic for the "stoopid-things-Lucas'-done-4-me" wall with her cingular camera phone *productplacement*. But in comes somebody to Luc-Ass' rescue in the form of Pamela Anderson in a red rubber dress. She asks if he'd like to dance. Obviously a new girl, as she hasn't got the memo yet on how bad Lucas is at dancing....unless he's dating somebody. I think the memo that casting have are to find any and all actresses that have unusual voices, cause this girl has been sucking serious helium-- maybe to help with the requisite cleavage. Brooke's got the McSquint disease.
Lucas says no. At least, not exclusively. Oh somebody dig those words a grave, because they're so dead and buried.
They go off, and Pam Anderson does some serious skanky dancing that could rival Bevan's trademark mooves. Brooke stalks over to Peyton, still with the glaring. Peyton looks on amused.

Dan's in Deb's bed. Nekkid. Because he has no bed, no clothes, and she did tell him to find somewhere to sleep.... Deb sighs and climbs into bed. Just as we think that Dan's won a round. Deb reaches into her side table drawer and pulls something out. We see the sheets move, and suddenly there's a blue light *zzzzzzzzzitt*. Dan flops about like a fish getting the juice "blaaargh!" and falls off the bed. Deb reveals a tazer. She gives it a satisfying push of the button. *zzzzzzit* Sweet Dreams Danny!
I laughed so hard. Go Deb!

Haley's looking for Nathan. And I don't know why she's not just checking who's towering over everybody. Have you met your husband? He's a b-ball player. Anyway.
She asks Karen, who's dressed as a cop. It's like he's the invisible man. Karen turns into a cop when she quizzes Haley on the missing money from the till. It gets repaid each payday, but she's hurt that Haley didn't come to her. Haley apologises and says it'll never happen again. Not if she kneecaps Luc-Ass. She offers to carry the tray of glasses, saying that can count as interest.
No sooner does Hales set off that that she bites the dust. Trashing the tray of glasses in front of an extra that's in Lucas' rejected hippie costume. It looks painful. Painfully unflattering, as the camera is in the pan over-the-butt position. Haley checks for glass in her hands. The crowd just claps and cheers at her clumsiness. Don't ya love kids.
In swoops Batman to rescue Hales from the floor and carry her to a stool. Visibility must be crap in the suit, because in some production stills, Nathan must have bumped Haley into the table, as the lamp on it has fallen over in some shots.
Nathan removes the mask. Hi! Haley says in astonishment. Because Nate's looking pretty hot as Batman, even though his black eye makeup is running because he's probably cooking in rubber under those lights. Nice costume. Haley asks if he likes it. Nathan says Not really, because it's not really her and also a sexy makeover isn't really going to fix them. I never knew JL acts so much via just really staring. His eyes are so open that I can see the whites right around his iris. And the black racoon eyes just really emphasises his blue eyes. Haley just hears that she looks ridiculous, and she runs off crying. Nathan wishes he could remove his foot from his mouth, or just stop with the punishment routine and tell her what he means is that he loves her as she is. Wanting her is not the problem. *waaaah*

Peyton & Mouth do a dance routine to "Burn, baby, Burn" as you do. The choreographer is channelling a combo of Grease and Romy & Michelle's High School Reunion. Peyton's legs are like toothpicks, and the clompy shoes aren't helping things. I'm waiting for her legs to snap like twigs. Mouth is usually more fluid than this, so I assume they've dumbed it down for Hil's dancing ability.

Now welcome Fall down Boy *hee* aka Fall Out Boy says Karen, who tries to lead the crowd into a whoot-whoot. Everybody stares at her with their mouths agape. *hee* Lucas snickers a little.

Fall Out Boy comes on and sings Dance. Dance. I'm impressed with the guitarist's ability to do 360o jump-spins. All without major injury, or cord-entanglement.
Brooke and Lucas look sadly at each other, because with Pam Anderson here now there's a stalemate. Brooke leaves the gig to go to the back room to check on Haley.
Haley has taken off her hideous wig*yay* and looks much much much better. Brooke wonders what's wrong, as Nathan totally talked to her and swept her up like a Knight in shining Batman armour. But Haley talks through pretty tear-filled eyes to say that the whole grease-makeover is a lie. She's a tutor, a nerd, and that should be enough. You're a Rockstar. Not anymore. Man is this girl going through an identity crisis or what? She says she's sick of playing games and she's going home to pig out on cookie-dough. *Mmmm*cookie-dough-icecream*Mmmm* People still rocking out.

Haley walks out of the dressing room and meets Batman who emerges from a totally random stream of mist. Her hair's down and normal looking, she's looking pretty fine. She starts to apologise about freaking out before and wishes everything where back to what they were.... Batman takes the opportunity to dip her into a kiss. Even with the beak thing it looks pretty hot. Haley opens her eyes, and he's gone. Wow.

There's a rap on the door of the Austin Powers apartment and Haley skips to open the door to Lucas. Complete with hair swinging side-to-side like Marcia on Brady Bunch. She's clearly on a high after Nathan kissed her. Lucas actually looks quite good too, having ditched the mop that died on his head--still hate the tatts. Haley dreamily says it was perfect and romantic and like an out of body experience. Lucas jokes that maybe he should kiss Nathan too. Now that would be a different kind of show. She confront Luke about the missing money from the till, saying that she covered for him with Karen. Lucas says it was to buy meds. Haley hopes that it isn't Valtrex for Genital Herpes-- you never know where he's been. Luke confesses that he has HCM. Phew! A much better disease. Fatal --but way less gross.

Peyton visits Ellie at the Travellodge. Wow. Angel of Death. Man, Peyton must have gotten a badge that that says "Hi. I'm the Angel of Death" Because there is no way somebody could have guessed that off the bat. Ellie must be Peyton's mum, because she flat-lines a joke in a very similar way. Peyton doesn't so much ask Q's, but tell her about laundry detergent and smells, and cries that she must have gotten something from her mom Anna. I'm thinking all the whining and crying all the time. Ellie assures her she can't draw and her coke problem is the only other thing she inherited.

Nathan's at a cafe, chowing down. And we see the mystery 'date' is Chris Keller. I can see you got my letter. Man, this dude actually wrote to Nathan? To say what exactly? Nah-nah-nah?
Keller jokes to Nathan "Did you like the perfume.It's kinda sexy like that?" This guy doesn't turn it off-- he hits on guys too. I mean I think JL is hot, but come on. And he still refers to himself in the third person.
Nathan tries not to choke on his sandwich. He wants Chris to help Haley with her music, because evidently she's hit a slump. He wrote in the letter that he would do anything to help her.
Why? Chris asks. And we ask too. Has Nathan been hit in the head too many times at the b-ball camp??? Because her music really improved with Chris. She loves music. And he loves her.
I'm torn between *Awwwww* and *Noooooo*
Chris says it'll be expensive. Studio time. First-class accomodation for him. His Time, and he's kinda diggin' Nathan's watch. Nathan narrows his eyes at the mention of the watch. Yeah, many a people have obsessed over Nate's sexy forearms and that silver watch. Don't mess with the watch....
Don't screw with me Keller.. And if you touch her I'll crush you. Hopefully, Nate will go for something a little further south of the windpipe to crush.
Keller grabs the sandwich and says he'll do it for the rest of the sandwich. He takes a bite, and because it's take 23, the sandwich is so stale.... you can see Tyler is waiting for the director to yell cut so he can spit it out-- ha. ha sufferrrrr.
Nathan & Keller shake on it. Oohhh nothing good can come of this.

Dan rings up Deb from the beach house. He needs to talk to her.......long enough for the glue to dry. He superglued the phone! He then blasts a horn down the line. Game on bitch! Evil Dan is just so evil he's The Man. *heeeee*

Haley is lying in her squishy single. Brooke arrives home, to bitch about how Lucas tried to make her jealous with a Baywatch bimbo--two can play at that game. Haley says she should be careful with his heart, because it's more fragile than she thinks.

Lucas goes home to his room, which has also been given the Peyton makeover this summer. Complete with a wall mural of what looks like the view from the rivercourt. Also somebody's been busy nicking licence plates from all 52 states over the summer....he voices over that secrets can't be kept in civilised society.

Peyton goes home and tells Larry that she didn't need to ask Ellie who her real dad is. She knows that already. She rests her head on his shoulder on the couch.

Ellie is sketching a drawing of Peyton as the Angel of Death in her motel room. Lying already to her daughter. So much for that relationship....

Lucas voiceovers that life is a masquerade ball, and that we all hide our true characters, but are exposed in what we hide.
Cut to Nate, who's back from all the cafe plotting. He takes off his chain with the ring on it and puts it on his bedside before going to bed.

To Chris Keller who enters his hotel room. He chucks his room key on.......*gasp* a Batman costume, and off his smirk........... Noooooooooooooooooooooo........

Man does this show have to ruin everything for me. But I can reason this slight blip away. Nathan wasn't intending to go to the party right? And who exactly has a reserve Batman suit in the closet just awaiting that right moment? Unless Nathan really is the dark avenger, because the Scott House is big enough to have hidden I digress.
He calls Chris, who is off the tour because he made too many lewd comments to Michelle Branch, Jessica Harp and Gavin DeGraw. So he had to find a day job as a Batman dayplayer at the local Theme Park. He kindly lent the costume to Nathan for the party, considering Nate needed a costume then and there. And that leer was just remembering that he did a good thing by not being an ass for a second there.

Clearly I am delusional.
But at least next week there is going to be bitch-fighting and a b-ball rumble. Can't wait.

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