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So why the Name?
As a little kid, I saw a world vision ad on TV, thought it would be a great thing to help out the poor starving kid from a third world country, and proceeded to make a 'donations' box with the sign "donations for Ephram" on it. With way worse spelling of course.

Years later I find that I absolutely love Everwood, and particularly the piano genius Ephram Brown on it. My kinda guy.
Also, if people should want to donate to Ephram just for the hell of it. Go right ahead.

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Saturday, April 19, 2008
Ferals, fleas, florals.........Flaming Oath!

So, It's been about a month since the anticipated move out of TOB's reaches and here's the update.....

It took around a month to move the TipperManning Feral brigade out.

This was due in part to the incompetancies of Chris & co at JA. They sent the letter with the required 65+ day notice, but not via registered or any kind of followup.
This is after I kindly rang them with a 'what's going on' call about a fortnight before the move just to see what the heck was the go.
So the day of, they woke her up with a call and they supposedly didn't get the crucial "move out please" letter. What a load of crock. It took an extra month with bond blood money to move them on.
This is after damage to the floors, doors ripped off, pet hair around the brand spanking new IKEA kitchen, rusted cooktops ( what were they boiling, AMPHETAMINE stashes???), ripping open the windows and swapping out the perfectly good screen door and replacing with a quote, unquote "SHIT" door and FOXTEL outlets in each and every room inc. the garage.
Ferals that were glued to the screens it seems. I don't know what kind of cook she was, but the evidence of the fat piles that were being creamated in the oven again and again wasn't pretty.
I washed the handprints off the ceiling (WTF?) and cleaned, whilst gagging at the amount of pet hair around the place.
The side effect was, you guessed it.....FLEA city. Unfortunately, I'm a flea magnet. They can smell me a mile away. Despite a cache of flea bombs, and much running around setting them off like it was 'NAM, I've still picked up a few strays here and there each time I've gone to clean, and prise nails out of the floor (charming).

On a brighter note, today I went to Publisher's Textiles to pick up a few samples of wall paper that I'm going to do the built-in dresser with. A really cool black & silver version of the floral print they have in duckegg on the web site.
Hoping to paint the cupboards and also my water-damaged ceiling.
Also organised the door to replace the ripped off one off my room. A 3 panel farm-yard one with a double-route and I'll have to paint myself. Joy.
Hopefully I'll be an old hand at it soon enough.

Charlie called. Have to get him the keys and some mula to start. Let her rip! The bathroom that is.


Posted at 08:04 pm by eleen
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Tuesday, February 05, 2008
I Am Legend ...hear me roar

As usual, my gem of a neighbour/s who shall be known therafter as 'The Old Bat' or TOB, has continued on with the harrassment despite the weak efforts of our strata manager. Go ahead, park everywhere and block our garage. I don't know who would listen to TOB, but she must give them a big 'ol speech about how they should stand up for themselves because they have the right, nay the duty to go out and park everywhere but not in front of their own garage or on the street. She manages to spin this despite not allowing them access to their own garage. Hmmmm. Either that or she offers annoyment incentives. I need to read the Art Of War or something....or should I write to the advertisement agencies about TOB's actions.
I'm trying to be Zen about this, esp with New Year approaching. Don't want the bad karma to follow us to the new year. Hex on your River Road house you old bat.

I've just picked up a copy of the original novella I Am Legend.
I am one of the few that actually enjoyed the movie starring Will Smith. Just a general observation, but there has been an age factor in whether you liked it or not. The younger peeps liked it....the older ones didn't.
What I liked was the survivalist aspect. And I appreciated the exploration of loneliness & despair in being one of the only ones left alive on earth.
But the grumbles about the modernisations of the movie were justifed. I'm only in the first few chapters and feel that the written word has a stronger visceral presence than the movie. I guess you don't get to see the frankly laughable 'vampires' so they're that much more frightening.
I actually empathise with Robert Neville of the novel, especially how he feels the anger and frustration at having them taunt him from outside his house. The loud music he plays (:)) the peephole he tries not to be a slave to....
Thankfully I can sniff the finish line soon. all I can cling to. That, and a 24 repeat of N.E.R.D. *woof*woof*woof*

On a brighter note.
Note to self: Exotic Gardener's Fair at Bilpin on 25/26th April might be a source for peonies. That and the nursery at Blackheath.

Posted at 03:27 pm by eleen
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Sunday, September 23, 2007
Facebook and accidently Outing myself....

Today I checked my email for birthday wishes and you do.
Kenny must have me programmed on some kind of alert on his mob, because he sent a timely birthday wish.

Also, to my surprise, was a request to be added as a friend to Steve Feinberg. Now, here was the Steve & Jenny that I blogged about ages ago, that Kenny sent on our way as a pit stop on the Amazing Race. I had joined Facebook a few months ago on the urging of a friend. Found there was zero to none peeps that I knew on the site, so my profile just kinda sat there dead in the water for months. Now This!

I got semi-excited, and get how people get thrilled in adding a network of friends. Except I'm a bit pathetic because I only have one 'friend' on the site.That's not the bad bit. I check my profile, and discover, to my horror.... I have outed myself. In between ticking that in fact, I am a female, and single, but not looking.....I have selected that I am interested in females.
This would not be so horrifying if I was actually gay, but I am not. Not that there is anything wrong with that. But that was a surprising little announcement that I made to the world at large, and acquaintences in general without meaning to. I quickly unchecked a crapload of boxes to avoid showing random 'statements' about myself, and stuck to the basics.

Facebook has a little mini-feed story setup that was frantically keeping pace with my profile edits.
Eleen is no longer single
Eleen is no longer interested in women  *thank god*
Eleen has gone to drown herself in the shower.......

Posted at 11:21 pm by eleen
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Friday, June 01, 2007
First Day of Winter

It's the new year, and I haven't even updated my blog yet.......1st of June. Gotta be a record for procrastination.

Since my last visit....
Saw John Mayer actually in concert.
Beat the nosebleed seats I got last time with Sal (I know, I thought it couldn't be done, but I actually had the drop down velvet curtains right behind our seats----this was after lining up for the bloody tickets on the day they went on sale)
Got asked by Sal to be a bridesmaid.
Sweet. Freaked. Not exactly freakin' sweet, but I aim to be less freaked by Nov. Getting a stress zit just thinking about it.
Went to Hawaii with JC and couz Kenny.
A welcome respite from the winter, which was not that cold initially. Now it's just like sitting in a cool room....oh the balmy pacific breeze and palm trees. Damn global warming!
Watched/ slept thru James Morrison at the Enmore
He wasn't bad. I just had jetlag. And I stick by that statement.

Right now, having probs with next door. The Gibbons' are renting their place out like a b&b without the breakfast. Kinda like a motel. So the whole prob is that they tell the"tennants" to park out the front of our place. In turn they block the garage.
Workmates have been suggesting things like letting air out of tyres...rude messages in marker on windscreens.... but I have decided to go with blunt flyers put under windscreen wipers. I'm going to the strata today to see what else can be done. Yay me. Ugh.

So far 1 X asian guy in hatchback
         3 X cars. Boyfriend/girlfriend anthony calleja
         3 X cars. Family gathering. party time with kids over weekend
         1 X white car. Old guy with accent. Had boxers
         3 X cars inc Vitara, large 4WD & green sedan. Girl who whinged
         1 X car & trailer. parked on the grass
         3 girls again
         1 X beer guy with car & trailer
         1 X white hair guy interested in Suzuki
         2 X cars. Total blocker, wanted to know if I could reverse it in.

This is worse than the turnover we had with the Mormon boys who didn't know how to chuck rubbish or when it was appropriate to wrestle each other in the house.

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Sunday, November 05, 2006
From John Mayer to Viperose in 21 hours

It started with getting up at 5am to catch a train to see John Mayer at Sunrise.
Sunrise is the Sydney /Aussie version of the Today show in NY in Rockerfeller Plaza, Manhattan. Only not as cool and without the Dean & DeLuca vibe.
However there was a smoooth Lindt Mocha to be had at the Lindt cafe opposite the studio in Martin Place.

John Mayer was supposed to be doing a outside "concert" of his 2 songs from the Continuum album, which was one of the only options after missing out on his Concert Tix. But after a faint smattering of rain, he appeared only inside. Nothing like the threat of electrocution to make a star chicken out. And possibly catching a cold on the day of his concert probably would have been a bit of a factor too.....
Even with the double layers of glass, I still got closer than I did to the nose-bleed seats I scored ages ago at the Entertainment Centre.
I checked out (appreciatively) his tatts on his triceps and his forearm as he did sound checks and tried to block out that he was getting stared at like a fish in a fishbowl. Man that boy is fine. In a scruffy and talented muso way.
I had a chuckle at the channel 7 staffers that dressed up in summery pretty dresses to "listen" to him play his 2 segments. I've never seen so many grrls come out of the woodwork.

After a quick stop at Borders, then back home to yell at Heartland Holden about the coolant, it was a quick change and out to the Marconi Club to check out Ivana's boy's band Viperose.
It was a Woodstock out West, which involved a mishmash of 4 acts, of which the band were headliners, so I sat through some dodgys glued with DJ sets between.
Live gigs are good, but I'm lucky we managed to score some seats, otherwise I would have fallen over.
Viperose were clearly a band that had gotten used to the stage and were comfortable... in contrast to the Nick Lachey-look-a-like + band who sang a bit stiffly & ernestly, and the gold-coast guys who played well, but muttered away & ignored the crowd, who in turn ignored them.
After Freedom of Thought, whose singer looked like a yoga-instructor. Viperose was a rock'n'roll shot of caffeine to the system.
Pity I'm not a fan of the whole Guns & Roses thang.
They sound better live and they could work the crowd. But I want my hearing back.
I came. I saw. I lost my hearing in the higher registers. I have the T-Shirts to prove it.

They're still ringing a bit, even now.

On an Everwood note....
I bid and lost Ephram's Ryoga T-Shirt on eBay. I would have loved to wear that. My jail-bait boyfriend's manga shirt. But alas, I didn't want to pay AUD$200 for it.
Bloody eBay snipers!

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Saturday, September 23, 2006
It's times like these that you need a stick of gum....

This year I have been going 'theme' and it's been a continuation of last year's....Year of the Concert.
First it was The All-American Rejects, who rocked the UNSW roundhouse and then it was The Fray gig at the gaelic club. Both excellent live bands.
First TAAR.
We arrived breathless and a little late because I was blocked in by an idiot who decided to wedge his car into a non-parking spot just at a driveway outside Icebergs of Bondi. I had the pigeon which gave me a bit of a Gigi moment when I crunched through the inny-meeny bones. I thank God for the lack of lights, so I could barely see what I was eating anyway.

After a few laps of Centennial park, no thanks to Jules, we screeched into the correct UNSW entrance, parked the car at warp speed. I was digging around in my bag, head down, following Jules when she abruptly turned and we enacted one of those moments that you only see in movies......we crashed into each other in a solid "whump", that we both reeled a little back from.
Besides just getting the end of the set of HelloGoodbye....a little known nerdy-but-cool electronica homage to 80's synthesizer Atari music....the gig was great.
I loved TAAR's Move ALong album, and my only complaint was that they left Move Along as the final single. Sung a little out of tune I might add. Ritter took off his shoes, presumably in anticipation of crowd surfing, but chickened out when he saw how feral Sydneysider fans were. 
I really admired the energetic moshing and jumping that the crowd was doing.

Secong gig was The Fray, who I caught onto from OTH, my music bible. Sad as that may sound, they've really bought up some great recs. But despite having the CD, my familiarity was only with 2 songs.. How To Save A Life & Cable Car.
I knew that I would regret not seeing them, as I did with Maroon5 who played the Gaelic club prior to them hitting it big in Australia and then playing to the masses at the Horden.
It's better to get a band at their rise rather than trying to fight off the other teeming hordes.
Gaelic club was easier to park at, and even better the crowd was predominantly midgets. Or at the least, shorter than me.

Jules unfortunately was parked behind a blonde chick who was having on orgasmic dance session with her hair. Ala shampoo comercial style complete with head tosses and fingers running through the hair. It was a bit like seeing the scene in Wedding crashers where Isla Fisher whips Vince Vaughn with her hair. Even Isaac (singer/piano) was squinting through the blinding stage lights to see who was grooving out so joyously to The Fray's introspective songs. I was behind blondie's friend, who *thank you Jesus* had a chin length bob. So what I thought was perhaps an involuntary tick, was a toned down version of the hair flick/toss to the music. Repetative & scary.
I asked how Jules was holding up.
It's times like these that you need a stick of gum.
Amen to that!

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Saturday, September 02, 2006
MIA: The IKEA vacuum

It's been forever and a day since my last blog entry.
Caused in part by my marathon downloading of Everwood Season 4. The complete set, so much so that my ISP emailed me several times to say my limit was getting capped, and I had to dump files off the computer to accomodate the episodes.

Also by the hell-kitchen. Known as the IKEA kitchen.

Looking back it wasn't so bad. I love my STAT kitchen, but right at this minute.....somebody else is enjoying the fruit of my labours.
A month overdue, and a budget blowout.... chalk this one up for experience.

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Sunday, May 07, 2006
Is it Jade? Is it a possum?.....No..It's a Raaaaaat!!!!!!

Holy mother of.....that was my reaction, along with some wild gesticulations and slight squealing. Also a bit of a two-step dancing shuffle.
This was at Dad's place in his sun room, that was a little less sunny due to the junk pile up and a whole lot more rats nesty.  I dread the time when we're going to have to suck it up and help add the "s" to Dad's hovel.
Case in point. Jules wondered out loud where dad's dryer was, as I had spent the previous blog talking about the new purchase of the washer.....Dad said it was near the door.
But you can't see the forest or the trees due to the piles of crapiola.

So that cut short the time for admiring the wash quality of the machine. I ran for it back to the safety of the house.
We decided to drag Dad out to Yum Cha. Mainly because it's a group sport and we were having the crave. Dad had been too chicken to drive the new Tiida more than twice, so I was a bit surprised that he volunteered to drive to Castle Hill. But I guess he felt easier about having us in the car to navigate.
On the way there, Dad was driving like a teenage girl on her learner's permit. He must have been overwhelmed by the new car fumes because he 'forgot' to indicate, and developed the neck stiffness phenomena that doesn't allow turning to look in the blind spots. Shikes!
It was a smooth ride though.
I blew the budget by forking out for a new Bose system for my iPod. I'm weary of being deaf from listening excessively to my earphones... What! what?!?
Right now I'm supposed to be downloading the peppy albums and compiling a party playlist for Jules' blow-out freak out party. Rather than playing all the wah-wah-wah songs as Jules puts it. aka OTH songs.

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Tuesday, May 02, 2006
Tiida, Hernia, Fisher & day with foreign sounding diseases

Woke up bright and early to do some washer movin' for Dad. He was afraid if he didn't give me a lift, I wouldn't have come.....and maybe I wouldn't have come....until later. But at 8:30am, sans brekkie, I rocked up to Dad's place. It's too much to ask for a sleep in until 9 on my day off.

I needn't have worried that Dad would have come to my place to lean on the car horn, which he still insists on doing even though it was only the one time I slept in because I was sick and generally dead to the world and couldn't hear the door bell....
The new Tiida was in Dad's drive. All shiny and new and with a fresh coat of morning dew....It had spent the night in the driveway unprotected. Evidently Dad was too chicken to wrangle it into the carport for fear of scratching the new thang.
Much like the Tarago, the bonnet sloped away abruptly to nothing. I noted however that Dad had spent much of yesterday arvo strapping the old carseat covers in place. A little shabby with the chic.
After being shown the engine, explained about the lifting of the ring to find reverse, noting the 14.5 kms on the odometer (new car, not test drive model) and admiring the central locking capability *click* *click-click* *click* and adjusting the seat height to better accomodate the view over the non-existent bonnet, I went in to tackle the washing machine.

The washing machine was a relic from my days as a baby. Purchased to deal with my soiled nappies, which was frankly quite an eon ago. Dad procured a rusty trolley and wedged it under the machine. I pushed from the back, whilst gagging at the smell of musty water. After that failed attempt, we swivelled it around so it was going back to the door, so the weight of the machine was against the trolley. Easily typed but involved screeching metal against concrete and me praying fervently there was no dead rat behind the machine. Plenty of gagging too, so I was glad to have forgone the brekkie. I took lead postion behind the trolley, and straining to reef the whole thing up the stairs (2 of them) I very nearly pinched a penny into dust and I think almost experienced what groin strain is really like. Hernia here I come..... My arms are still aching a bit, and probably 2 inches longer than this morning......
We wrangled the whole heavy mess into the yard, and I made Dad promise to let the dude take it away.

We then moved onto NRMA to fix up insurance for the car. Dad had a brief panic attack when he realised that he bought no paperwork for the new car, but luckily the greenslip was with them & all the details were copied over.

Next up was Myer and a Fisher & Paykel washing machine for Dad. A small number that could do cold washes and stuff. Made in Turkey. Mmmmm. I hope they know what they're doing. The lady was nice and knocked off $100 as well as threw in delivery. I should take in Dad for any bargaining situation because the see a cute old guy and cut prices.

All in a days work.

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Sunday, April 30, 2006
Less spew but add Blue Lycra

So the relies have been and gone, marked at the beginning by the total break-down of my immune system. I think some of the regulars thought I had to take time off work because I was on my death bed, rather than on a holiday.

After a totally hairy drive from the airport back to Uncle's place, we left "I'm Hungry" Bernie & Isaac at their place whilst we made last minute adjustments back at the house. Read: cleanup , panic phase. Jules & I started to argue, because our nerves were so frayed. She started to behave like a total bitca because I added some my room clean time to my schedule, and proceeded to move piles of crap outside my room just to be a total pain. Jules can be so spiteful when she wants to be. Really counter productive.
Cleaning up with Jules around is like moving around on Mars. The extra gravity makes everything twice as hard.

With Dad, Uncle Phillip & Uncle Buck all together in one room, was a bit surreal. An event not seen in 50 years. Their similarities really start to show up, and not just in looks, but demenour as well. What really came to the fore, was the innate competitiveness that runs in the family. Something that I have a heavy streak of I admit. Kenneth & Christine said they have never seen Uncle Buck talk so aggressively. Must be the brotherly competition.
Also a given was the obsession with gadgets. I felt a little bad for dad. Seeing Uncle's new, thin gigantic screen compact digital camera, Dad cracked out the Sony handycam, which hasn't seen the light of day since Jules' graduation from Uni eons ago.
Besides it smelling of plastic, and perhaps rodent wee..... the batteries had gone flat long ago. So, that was basically barely a 2-use camera for what probably cost a few grand back in the day.

Auntie, told the story of how she introduced Mum & Dad. Mum was very good friends with Ying, her younger sis, as they were co-workers as sales assistants in a dept store. Mum was very sociable and new how to make friends easily. One day, as they hung out at Auntie's place, Mum mentioned off hand that she would like to move overseas, she wouldn't mind leaving home... Auntie jumped at the idea as Dad was looking for a girl to marry all the way in Oz. And there it was....Mum took a chance.

Because the great Aussie trip was being extended through to a bout in Cairns, I was volunteered on Dad-watch. I accompanied Dad on the epic trip up to Cairns and the reef. the last 2 attempts haven't been too lucky. First the tickets booked through Ansett vanished when the company became bankrupt. Cairns, Strike 1.
Got spewed on by a shocked Korean tourist on the Sunlover catamaran. I just remember the shocked eyes peeking over clasped hands holding a tissue. It sure wasn't sea spray. Thanks for chucking upwind of everybody. Nice aim. Strike 2.

Luckily enough, the only humiliation was the blue lycra stinger suits that smacked of Smurfs crossed with Ommpa Loompa anti-radiation suits. Lord killl me now.
Despite new swim shorts, to replace the dreaded napkin shorts, Dad didn't even dip his toes in the water. Next time. I think Dad likes the whole plane/flying experience much better.

Cape Trib, The Daintree, Mossman Gorge are all beautiful places. I actually warmed up to the whole B&B experience and think it's prob the way to go in NY if we ever go again.

Dad yakked so much he lost his voice at the end of the trip. He also mewls like a cat after the first 15mins of sleeping. This is replaced by the wet smacks of full throttle snoring. Thank God for iPod, but I no longer dream that King Kong is attacking me.

I also nearly got my driving incident that all the family will relive again & again.

Much has happened.

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